Retirement Planning

At Camaco Financial, we specialize in helping individuals that are approaching, transitioning, or already in retirement.


Usually, the most expensive item you will purchase is retirement. It is essential that you have a plan to ensure you can achieve your retirement goals and not worry about running out of money. Our financial advisors can help you by providing advice on important considerations such as:

  • The most efficient time to take CPP/OAS

  • Determining if you have enough money to retire

  • When to convert an RRSP/LIRA

  • Coordinating tax-efficient asset withdrawal


We also help retirees transition their investments from a growth and accumulation strategy to investments that are designed to manage decumulation and preserve capital while mitigating the risks of inflation. 

3 Mistakes to Avoid when Planning for Retirement

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Retirement Planning
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Our Financial Advisors specialize in retirement investing, financial planning, wealth management, and insurance. Since 1977, the Calgary-based firm has established long-term relationships with many Albertans by providing honest, trustworthy & high-quality financial advice in the wealth management process. 
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