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For most people, retirement is the biggest purchase they will make. To ensure that you "make the most of this purchase”, it is essential you have a well-thought-out strategy that allows you to take advantage of every investment, tax, and pension opportunity.

At the core of our retirement strategy, we build a financial plan for each of our clients. The financial plan is how we ensure that we are:
-    Maximizing every investment opportunity to preserve capital, mitigate sequence of return risk, and grow it on a risk-adjusted basis. -    Taking advantage of every tax planning opportunity
-    Optimizing pension efficiencies

As with any purchase, we encourage all our prospective clients to research various financial advisors and choose the one that is best for them! Our goal is to educate each of our client’s so that they feel they are making the best decision for their future.

What We Do

Customized Financial Plan

Retirement Planning


Insurance & Estate Planning


When it comes to investments there is no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all solution. We believe that each client should have a customized investment plan that factors in diversification, their risk tolerance, and financial goals.

Some clients prefer low fee ETF solutions, while others prefer active management or institutional investing. We review the pros and cons of each solution and help educate our clients so that they feel empowered to choose the investment that is best for them.

Our financial advisors want to be on the same side of the table as you in the wealth management process. To ensure you receive the right investment solution, our compensation structure is designed so that our advisors receive no additional profit when choosing one investment portfolio over another.

Retirement Planning

At Camaco Financial, we specialize in helping individuals that are approaching, transitioning, or already in retirement. Usually, the most expensive item you will purchase is retirement. It is essential that you have a plan to ensure you can achieve your retirement goals and not worry about running out of money. Our financial advisors can help you by providing advice on important considerations such as:

  • The most efficient time to take CPP/OAS

  • Determining if you have saved enough money to retire

  • When to convert an RRSP/LIRA

  • Coordinating tax-efficient asset withdrawal

  • How to protect your money in a bear market

  • How to take advantage of a bull market


We also help retirees transition their investments from a growth and accumulation strategy to investments that are designed to manage decumulation and preserve capital while mitigating the risks of inflation. 

Customized Financial Plan

We believe that having a financial plan is an essential foundation that allows you to achieve your financial goals. We come alongside you to understand your financial circumstances and provide customized solutions that answer important questions such as:


  • How much do I need to save for my retirement needs?

  • How much can I be spending in retirement?

  • Is my financial plan stress tested? What happens if the markets do not perform as well? Will I still make it?

  • Am I taking more risk than I need to with my retirement savings?

  • Am I optimizing the different tax strategies for saving or withdrawing assets?


Rather than being uncertain about your future, our financial advisors strive to help each of our clients have the confidence and peace of mind that they can accomplish their financial goals in the most effective way possible.

Insurance and Estate Planning

Insurance can seem complicated, but we believe it can be made simple. It’s about solving a need:

  • How much money will your family need if you pass away?

  • What happens if you become disabled or critically ill?

  • Should I have permanent or term insurance? Or a combination of the two?

​To ensure that you and your loved ones are protected, we analyze the “big picture” of your insurance needs. We understand that your budget has other priorities, such as buying a car, saving more for retirement, or family vacations.  Our financial advisors aim to help you by discussing your goals, reviewing your cash flows, and coming up with a solution that is best for you!


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